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Bowen for shoulder and back pain

"The Bowen Technique has turned my life around. Years of back and shoulder pain had debilitated me both mentally and physically and I had begun to lose hope regarding my quality of life. Linda has treated me with the greatest respect, slowly and carefully rebuilding my life and confidence. I can't believe how far I have come and how fantastic I feel." - Mrs B.


Bowen for back, hip and leg pain

"In July 2003 I received injuries to my spine, hips and legs and lost 2 stone in weight by December 2003. I was a physical mess only walking with the aid of 2 sticks. After attending 6 sessions of Bowen I feel much better. The numbness has gone and the pain has almost gone away. I sleep undisturbed all night and feel a whole lot better. I still use 2 sticks to walk but the Bowen process has been a very positive one for me." - Mr T.


Bowen for Lower back / joint problems

“I had physiotherapy every 2 weeks for over a year but didn’t feel much better.  The pain clinic recommended Bowen and 3 treatments later I have my life back.  I have a top up treatment now and again to keep my back in tip top condition”. - Ms B.


Bowen for Lower back and shoulder problems

“I had been under the pain clinic for 4 years and had facet injections 3 times which helped but not for any length of time, it was then suggested I tried Bowen. I hadn’t heard of it. I had 4 treatments and I have been walking much better and not anywhere near as stiff in the mornings. If I start to feel stiff I know I need a top up.” - Mrs A.


Bowen for Spinal / Facet Joint / Leg problems

Bowen has not only helped with my movement problems, it has enabled me to reduce medication and

it makes me feel better in myself.” - Mrs E.


Bowen for Anxiety / Stress and / Insomnia

"Before meeting Linda, I hadn’t heard of the Bowen Technique.  However, having suffered chronic pain in my chest, anxiety, stress and insomnia for several months, I gave it a try. Linda put me at ease straight away, with her kind, gentle and professional manner.

During the therapy Linda gently manipulated various areas on my back and after the first session I can only describe the sensation as one of feeling as if someone had covered my upper back with a very large warm blanket and I felt instantly more relaxed.

After just a few sessions the pain has gone and I really cannot believe how well I feel or how much I sleep.  My advice to anyone considering therapies is to try Bowen first.  Linda will be the first person I turn to in the future." - Ms W.


Bowen for Hip/Pelvic stiffness and pain

"After 3 treatments I have seen great progress made with my flexibility.  I'm currently practising Muay Thai and really struggled with basic hip movement.  However, major progress has been gained since begining my treatments and the pain suffering has eased dramatically" - Mr C.


Indian Head Massage for Stress

"I find the Indian Head Massage a wonderful experience, stress seems to just flow away and if I could have one every day it would be marvellous.  It’s so easy to have there’s no taking clothes off and it can be done anywhere at any time.

I’ve also had Reiki and this takes away stress but as it’s not a full hands on experience I didn’t get the same feeling as the Indian Head Massage but then again other people do.  Both treatments would be ideal in a working environment." - Mrs. C.


Reiki for Lower back pain and Relaxation

"I came to Reiki by coincidence.  It is not something I would have sought out.  I was suffering with severe pain in my lower back and was also very, stressed. A colleague gave me her appointment with Linda.  After having the treatment explained to me I was rather sceptical but decided to give it a try.

I was truly amazed at the almost immediate effect and the heat that radiated from Linda’s hands and the surging energy feeling in my legs. The overall sensation was one of peace and relaxation and the complete dissipation of stress.  The pain in my back intensified but the pain in my leg and side disappeared.

I had been sleeping on the floor for over a week to try and relieve the pain, that night I went to bed and had a good night’s sleep.  The following day I felt much better and within 3 days was fit again.  I would recommend Reiki to anyone." - Mr F.


Bowen for extreme neck, back and hip pain, also pain in left foot and painful swallowing.

"I have increased mobility, pain relief after surgery had failed to alleviate foot pain. Not taking pain relief on a daily basis. On an emotional level my energy levels have increased and I feel better able to deal with day to day stressors." - Mrs B.


Muscular pain in the neck and collar bone area.

"Driving was difficult and movement generally.  At the start of Bowen I felt quite low due to constant pain.  After 3rd treatment pain had considerably subsided. After 4th treatment the pain and tightness had pracically gone and I feel so much more confortable and happy." - Mrs P.



"Impacted severely on daily life as mother and at work. Now a significant improvement in particular in severity of migraine.  I have suffered from migraine for approximately 20 years but they have accelerated over the past 6 years.  I am under care of neurologist and have tried many prophylactic treatments including medication, beta blockers, anti epileptic treatments, botex, and a stimulation device.  I have also tried acupuncture, physio, and chiropractic massage.  I was a little sceptical at the start of treatment although very willing to try.  Within 3 weeks I began to see an improvement and had 14 days without a headache (normally 20+ headaches per calander month). I have had approximaely 8 treatments and I have noted a significant and life changing improvement. I still get migrain and headaches but they have significantly improved in severity and overall frequency.  I am very grateful for the improvement in quality of life this has enabled. (I am also currently using cefaly device and both may be working but very confident Bown has dramatically helped)." - Mrs A.


Balance and Pain from low back and neck pain

"Difficulties with turning my head and bending.  I have been having Bowen treatment for seven years, initially attending because of severe balance problems.  Once these were resolved I continued to come at six weekly intervals for 'top ups' which keep me mobile and pain free and certainly ease the pain in my upper and lower back." - Mrs C.


Lower Back Pain, Shoulder Pain and Pelvic problems. General stiffness and pain.

"I have tried many therapies for my back condition  but I find Bowen therapy helps me the most. I get instant relief and it helps re-align my pelvis which takes away the back pain.  I also find that Bowen relaxes me." - Mrs D.


Interrupted/Broken sleep in a 2 1/2 year old little boy.

"My son now sleeps more soundly with less wake ups, particularly straight after a treatment.  He has had some nights of sleeping all night, which was previously unheard of." - Mrs H.


Constipation in Newborn Baby

"My little girl is now able to pass stools comfortably and more regularly and as a result is no longer in as much pain as she was." - Mrs H.


Back Pain

Bowen Treatment changed my life.  I have 3 slipped discs and the tension in my back  prevented me living a normal life.  After I started treatment my back improved virtually instantly.  I now have no back restrictions and have no pain, no medication and the option of surgery is no longer needed. Miss S.


Constant Upper Back and Shoulder Pain/Limited Movement

Bowen is like nothing I have ever tried before (and I have tried a lot).  It is the most gentle and yet the most effective treatment I have received.  I am not exaggerating when I say I walk out of every session feeling like I have had a body transplant. In addition to this I sleep so much better than I ever have and that in itself has had a major impact on me too. Mrs W,


Baby Vomiting, Reflux and Wind

These made baby cry and very unsttled.  After having Bowen therapy, vomiting is much reduced and baby is a lot more settled. Mrs W.


Arthritis in Hip Joints

I had related muscle pain/discomfort.  Sitting for longer than 1/2 hour caused stiffness and general discomfort when moving about. Now walking about is generally  more comfortable without muscle pain and the Gluteal muscle has relaxed.  The holistic nature of The Bowen Therapy - treating the whole bodty - has helped me to understand why I developed problem areas and take measures to avoid further damage/pain.  Bowen Therapy is part of the plan for me, to relax muscles which are trying to protect my hip, but causing discomfort, allowing me to work on strengthening the appropriate muscles and preserving the life of the muscles and hip.  Mrs. B


Shoulder and Neck pain

It affected my sleeping and carrying anything.  Bowen therapy has resolved my neck and shoulder problem.  I also had problems with my lower back for years which I mentioned when I was having treatment for my neck/shoulder.  I consequently got treatment for my lower back which has also resolved all problems in that area.  I would recommend this treatment. Mrs. S.



My mobility was non existant and I could not stand or walk. I was not sure about this Bowen therapy but my daughter suggested it after I had exhausted all other options through the NHS, including orthopedic surgeons and neuro surgeons.  It is a very gentle technique that makes me feel great after each treatment.  I can stand now and walk about 15 yards.  Mrs. W.


Frozen Shoulder

I couldn't lift my arms above shoulder height but little by little, after several treatments over 8 months, I am now pain free and have much improved shoulder and arm movement. Mrs S.


Poor Sleep - child

Poor sleep pattern, waking often through the night, which affected behaviour and concentration during the day.  Behaviour and concentration have improved significantly as he is now sleeping through every night since commencing Bowen therapy.  His sleep pattern has improved so much and he has gone from waking on average 6 nights out of 7 to sleeping through every night without waking.  He is altogether a happier and calmer little boy. Mrs. L


Fibromyalgia and chronic low back pain

My symptoms make even simple movements like walking and daily activities painful and exhausting.

Bowen therapy has improved my symptoms significantly.  I feel more energised and less fatigued following treatments.  I am able to sleep better and this allows me to achieve more during the day.  My overall pain levels have reduced to a more manageable level. Mrs. L


Dystonic Posturing of arms. Severe Reflux. Recurring chest infections and Sluggish Bowel.

The biggest improvement we see is son's arms are more relaxed and can move more freely (dystonic posturing in arms). His chest would often be cleared in a treatment. For all but one treatment our son has been calm throughout and has usually slept without problems for several nights afterwards. Mrs S. on behalf of young son.


Stammer in child

The experience pleasant and relaxing and it seemed to help reduce the stammer. Linda was very calming during treatment. Mrs R. on behalf of young son. Mrs R, on behalf of son.


Hip Pain - dislocation

Prevented full range of movement, needing painkillers most days.

The Bowen experience treats the whole body, my son found it relaxing, such a small non-invasive procedure makes such a big difference.  A little better after each session to a point of relatively pain free (most of the time between sessions) Thank you - we would recommend Bowen Therapy to anyone  - and Linda has a very kind and gentle mannor - put my son at ease straight away. Mrs.W on behalf of son.



Stress and Anxiety which created tension in my upper body and head, forcing my left eye to close hundreds of times a day.

"It prevented me from living a normal life.  I would have to intentionally avoid people and anything social. It was also affecting my work but now the stress and tension has 99% gone I am resuming everything again"

"I can't express enough how much Bowen therapy has helped me.  I have suffered on and off for over 15 years and I'm so relieved that after years of searching I have found something that can cure my problems.  I am certain that my stress will return at some point in the future but I now have the reassurance that I know how to treat it.  Six sessions have sorted me out but I will still keep on visiting Linda from time to time to hopefully keep my issues as bay" Mr D.


Enduring lung condition causing my muscular tesion in neck, shoulders and back. It prevents me from relaxing, sitting comfortably and I have back pain when standing up after rest.

I find the process very relaxing, my breathing improves for hours after a treatment.  The treatment is very relaxing, it seems to free up areas of pain in all parts of my body, during and following treatment.  I feel a sense of deep relaxation throughout my body and my breathing improves considerably for a number of hours following a treatment.  I find my therapist very re-assuring in her practice and professional attitude towards my day to day welfare. Mr P.


Back Pain. My back was stiff and I couldn't sit up straight.

I have 3 diagnosed slipped discs in my back. I can usually manage with exercise and swimming. Sometimes though, I stiffen up and that is when I seek Bowen treatment.  It loosens up tense muscles and I can get back to normal life. I love it! Miss S.


Dog -  limping on right back and front leg

Walking badly and having difficulty standing  after sitting down.

Really impressed and wish I'd known about Linda sooner. My Labrador is a lot happier in himself, walking better and acting his age instead of being sad with pain. Highly recommend Bowen to work alongside Vet treatment to reduce pain and medication. Better for the dog. Very very impressed and highly recommend Bowen.  Mrs. PW.


Anxiety - it stops me from enjoying life. My muscles felt sore in the beginning as they were so tight but they feel better now, helping me a lot. Mr. H


Dog - pain and stiffness when walking - this stopped the dog from walking well and he was in pain and stiff.  Bowen relieved the pain and discomfort in his shoulders, neck and legs and this means our dog enjoys his walks again and has more of a spring in his step. Mrs E


Back spasms and Sciatica - this prevented me from walking well and doing general things.  I found Bowen very helpful, relaxing and it's given me my life back. Mrs. W.


Bowen to help with Rehabilitation after a knee replacement - I couldn't bend or straighten my knee properly.  I have used Bowen for over 4 years now for various problems and find it very beneficial and it has allowed my recovery after my knee replacement to be much faster. Mrs T.


Neck Injury after a car crash 19 years ago - the pain stopped me from playing with my son  but we have been swimming again now.  Bowen has done more for me in 3 sessions than 6 months at the osteopath's. Linda explains everything fully and is so gentle.  She is also very patient and understanding.  I will definately have more treatments in the future.  Mrs D.




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