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Bowen Fascial Release Technique in County Durham

For honest and helpful advice on Bowen treatment, please call me on

01325 377 601 or

07796 455 417


Some problems reported to respond well to Bowen:

Migraine headaches

• Hay fever

• Joint problems

• Pelvic/groin pain

• Neck pain

• Frozen shoulder

• Respiratory problems

• Sciatica

• Sports injury

• Concentration

• Sleep

• Muscle stiffness

Back pain

• Hamstring tightness

• Muscle pain

• Irritable bowel syndrome

• Infant colic

• Repetitive strain injury

• Ankle/foot problems

• Knee problems

• Motor control

• Behaviour

• Relaxation

• Stress

• Tension

This treatment is also known as Bowen Technique and Bowen Therapy. It is a soft tissue remedial therapy which involves the therapist using fingers and thumbs to move over muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia, in various parts of the body. This therapy can be effective to help relieve everyday stresses and revitalise the whole person. Each Bowen therapy session varies according to the particular problems of the client. By focusing on the lower and mid back and legs, the upper back, shoulders and neck, a sense of well-being can be achieved, helping relaxation and aiding sleep - helping to remove everyday stress and anxiety that can make us feel under par or prevent us from functioning at our optimum. This treatment is also available for canines.

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