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Canine Bowen complementary therapist in Darlington

Canine Bowen treatment is beneficial for:

• Back or limb pain

• Pre and post-operative

• Stress

• Long term conditions

• Poor mobility

To arrange an appointment for your dog, please call our complementary therapist on 01325 377 601 or

07796 455 417

A veterinary referral will be required before canine Bowen can begin. The Bowen technique should be seen as complementary to orthodox veterinary treatments, not as an alternative.


Your dog will be visited in your own home, where it feels more comfortable and relaxed. Gentle rolling moves are made over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue. Your dog may walk away from the treatment. This normally happens when the dog feels it needs a rest or a break during the treatment.

A black labrador sat looking at Linda a black dog laying on the floor receiving a treatment from Linda